Friday, September 13, 2013

I like this photo because they way the light hit her face. It is a semi dramatic look.

I picked this photo because of all the bright colors. also it reminds me of christmas.

My final photo because its a bright setting. They way the animal is posed.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Artist Statement

What inspires me is different every day, but normally it is volleyball I have been playing for nine years and I always find something new and different every year. Watching my brother play hockey is inspiring to me because it takes so much control and skill to play. art is important to me because it is a way for me to express myself in ways I can not to people. no matter what I am feeling I can just go take photos and express myself through photos. I always have a different feeling through each photo but I am normally am excited with the outcome. Unlike most kids in this pathway class I am not artistic person I can not draw very well so when it comes to photography I feel like I am finally good at something. My uncle and my mother are an amazing artists so I feel like skipped out on the gene. I want to go and explore the world mostly pennsylvania it is beautiful! I want to take pictures of the nature and animals. I would also like to try and got to college for volleyball and photography if it was possible but I am also worried because photography is very hard to get into as a profession.

- Phoebe Moore